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 Paul Bellardo 1924 -2017
    Paul Bellardo was born in Hartford, CT on February 5, 1924. Paul was an artist who possessed a lifetime of artistic experience and talent. Anyone familiar with his work will attest, Paul was always on the cutting edge when it came to his creative talent. It is not simply the expertise he possessed in creating a finished work, but more importantly, the imaginative and detailed designs he had that continually made his work fresh, innovative, and alive. Paul is one artist who often times delivered a whimsical side to his pieces, yet he still managed to keep his art totally grounded with an earthy quality. 

   While stationed in the South during the army in 1945, Paul accidentally stumbled into the Young Men's Hebrew Association ceramics studio in New Orleans. That experience was truly the beginning of Paul's life-long passion. He went on from there to graduate from the Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts with the highest honors after a year of post graduate work and teaching for ten years at the Museum School. Among his many early accolades was a travel scholarship from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation for his ceramic creations.

   Paul's first one-man-show was in 1965 at the DeCordova Museum of Fine Arts in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It was at this showing that 18 pieces of Paul's work were purchased by Walter P. Chrysler for inclusion in the permanent collection of the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia. This success was quickly followed by shows at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the George Walter Vincent Smith Museum, and the Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts.

   Paul opened his open ceramics studio - shop - and gallery in Provincetown, Mass. Paul's major claim to fame, however, was for a record-breaking 35 years as owner of a landmark gallery of contemporary arts and crafts in New York City's West Village. 

   Unfortunately, Bellardo Ltd. was closed permanently when Paul decided it was time to retire. That was indeed a sad day for an entire generation of New Yorker's who knew and loved Paul and his neighborhood gallery. For Paul, relaxing in the warm California sun lasted only so long. In short order, Paul was back at creating his art; the thing he loved so passionately and had always been so very good at! Paul continued to work with clay well into his early 90s!

   Today, Paul's creations are in private collections worldwide; as well as in several prestigious museums. Most recently, several pieces of Paul's work were acquired by the New Orleans Museum of Art, as a part of their permanent collection. 



Paul teaching Arts & Crafts at the New Orleans, LA Army Airbase in 1945. (Paul, standing, center picture)

Paul Bellardo, seen here in New York City during the 1980s in his Christopher St. art studio and gallery in Manhattan's West Village.

 Artist Paul Bellardo Art with Museum Director, John Bullard, from The New Orleans Museum of Art. The large hand-thrown ceramic with relief carving, by artist Bellardo, is entitled Harlequin and is part of the museum's permanent collection.

  Paul Bellardo proudly posing for a photograph next to the case displaying his art within The New Orleans Museum of Art. The large ceramic piece, Harlequin, is positioned next to four of Paul's mini porcelains acquired by the museum, all in a tea-dust glaze.


Bellardo Artworks
Part of Palm Springs Modernism Week
, 2018
Paul Bellardo’s artwork was on display at the Silica Studio in Palm Springs as a part of Modernism Week 2018. A sale of and reception for his sculpture art was held at 5 pm on Friday, February 16th. All pieces of Paul's art were on sale throughout the entire week at the gallery. Silica Studios is located at 752 S. Williams Road, in Palm Springs. See the photos and video below from this very special event!

Paul's Ceramic Apples 

 Paul has forever been known for his realistic looking ceramic apples, like the one above that he created in the late 1970s. Since New York City is known as The Big Apple, it was fitting that Paul offer these apples to customers in his New York City gallery. And sell apples, he did... Since that time, Paul has created his apples in every imaginable color. Some well-known people have apples by Bellardo; such as Doris Day, Sandy Duncan, Ann Miller, and New York City Mayor, David Dinkins. President Ronald Reagen was presented an apple that ended up having a prominent place in the White House. Paul's apples were even featured in the 1988 film, Torch Song Trilogy. Below, Paul presents Elizabeth Taylor with a violet apple; one to match her beautiful eyes!




Watch video from Paul Bellardo's ceramics show at the Palm Canyon Galleria in Palm Springs, Feb 2010. 

View photos (click here) from Paul Bellardo's gallery opening and show in Palm Springs, California at The Palm Canyon Galleria, January 2013. 

One of Paul's "signature" sunbursts and a "uniquely Bellardo" ceramic head sculpture.
May 2017
See a Gallery of Paul's Current and Newly
Completed Works as of 2017


We were able to photograph and upload a collection of Paul Bellardo's newest and freshest designs! Have a look at our Current Projects 2017 gallery and prepare to be amazed...
View an Article on Paul Bellardo Featured in the Sept, 2016 Issue of Provincetown Magazine
Paul Bellardo Featured in the December 2016 Issue of
Palm Springs Life Magazine

The December 2016 issue of Palm Springs Life featured Paul Bellardo, along with several other prominent artists living in the Coachella Valley. The Arts and Entertainment article revealed that Paul had had a long and illustrious career!

The article explains that after completing his studies at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Paul stayed on and taught there for 10 years before opening Bellardo Ltd., a renowned arts and crafts gallery that flourished in New York’s West Village for 35 wonderful years.

From his first one-man show in 1965, Paul Bellardo sold 18 works to Walter P. Chrysler for the permanent collection of the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia. From those early beginnings, Paul's successful career continues to this day in Palm Springs where he still produces and exhibits his ceramic art as an active member of Silica Studios.

When asked the secret to staying so productive in one’s 90s, Bellardo responded, “Be happy and love what you’re doing.” Bellardo exhibits his work at Woodman/Shimko Gallery in Palm Springs.

 Art-Glass Designs

 Have a look at Paul's art-glass designs that he created for pieces such as the one above! (click here)



Heads Of The Universe

View some of artist Bellardo's popular and collectable "Heads of the Universe" in Past Works Gallery No.1. (click here)



 As if being a master ceramicist is not enough talent for one artist to possess...  just wait until you take a look at Paul Bellardo's Monoprints! (click here)

How To Tell a Genuine BELLARDO...


 Paul Bellardo's signature on the bottom of his ceramics has looked the same for a very long time! Generally speaking, Paul signed his works using his full name from 1947 until the early 1960s. After that time, Paul began to sign only his last name - often with a date included. Take a look at the two photos below to see exactly how Paul signs his pieces today. Always look for this signature to make sure you are getting a genuine Bellardo work of art!